How To Take Erotic Photographs

Have you ever imagined yourself being the model in a sexy photograph? For many individuals and couples, the idea of taking erotic photos is something they have fantasized about but are not quite sure how to go about doing. Here are some practical, hands-on tips to capture that spark through the lens of your camera.

Time Required: plan over several days, allow several hours for your first erotic photo shoot

Here’s How:

  1. Use a camera you are comfortable with.
    You don’t have to have any fancy camera equipment. You can do this with an automatic, manual, digital, Polaroid or disposable camera. Use whatever camera you are comfortable with so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects on top of everything else.
  2. Digital & Polariod Cameras are a great way to guarantee privacy.
    In addition to the technical advantages of a digital camera, the main plus is privacy. It isn’t recommended to take erotic photos to a photo-finishing store unless you have checked with them ahead of time.
  3. Many photo stores that work with professional photographers and artists are comfortable processing erotic images.
    If you don’t know the store well, you could run into problems with extra copies being made without your knowledge or an overzealous employee or owner calling the authorities (depending, of course, on the content of the photos).
  4. Plan ahead, and plan together.
    Whether this is with a partner, lover or a friend, spend some time planning out the photo shoot. Ask each other questions about who will be taking the photos and who will be posing. Find out what parts of the body the person modeling really loves and what parts they might not like to see in the photos. Share ideas about clothing and props you may like to use. Look at books of erotic photos together or search online for websites with artistic nudes.
  5. Consider a Model Release form.
    Even when photographing friends, partners or lovers, situations and people’s memories can change overtime. A form can help structure a conversation about expectations and will ensure trust and confidence around the experience. Outline the terms of the photo shoot with the name of photographer, date, what the photos will be used for, any payment (e.g. an 8×10 print or breakfast in bed), and then finally, a signature from the person who is modeling.
  6. Setting the mood.
    This is the fun part of the shoot. Choose a variety of lighting to experiment with, burn some incense and put on some sexy music to set the scene. Turn off the phone and give yourself a few hours with your partner, lover or friend to explore your fantasies with a camera.
  7. Start off with one idea.
    You may have developed several scenarios or ideas during the planning stage. Lay out the various props and clothing that you would like to play with and start with one idea. Avoid moving quickly from one idea to the next, give each idea time to take hold, and if it isn’t working, then move on.
  8. Consider your models comfort level.
    Sometimes, it is nice to start off with more clothes on and then have the person modeling, slowly undress throughout the photo shoot. If they have never done this before, it can feel comfortable to do it in stages.
  9. Don’t feel like you need to be static.
    Many of us have an image of photography as people sitting very still. Forget that cliché. The model can try out different poses, sitting, lying down, standing up, leaning, crouching, and moving their body in different ways that feels comfortable for them. The photographer can also move around them to take photos from different angles and perspectives.
  10. Debrief after the shoot.
    After the photo shoot, you can view the images together and share the parts that you love and the parts you might want to do differently next time. If a photo doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to, just make a note of what you did and you can try something new next time.
  11. Journal your experiences.
    Some people like to keep journals of their experience. If it’s possible to journal right after the photo shoot you may remember things that you’ll forget by the time you meet up with the model. Pay as much attention to what felt right as to the things you think you “did” right. Remember there is no right or wrong way to take erotic photos. It is all about experimenting and exploring your desires and creativity with someone else.